Why Visit?

WOP DUBAI: Meet the Large Numbers of Useful People in One Place.

The ideal platform that allows you to meet the professionals of the fruit and vegetables industry not only the local or regional ones but also the international in order to maximize the opportunity to grow your business and get updated with the latest market technologies and trends.

WOP DUBAI: Designed to help you to stay on top of your markets!

WOP DUBAI provides you a chance to meet suppliers, check out new developments and keep a close eye on your competition. You can get your hands on new products, attend demonstrations and compare features and prices. At the same time, you can meet exhibitors and ask them detailed questions.

Benefits of visiting WOP DUBAI

1.) Introduce a new product; Opportunity to show your product in key players of fresh produced industry.

2.) Make new connections; Best chance to meet your connections to meet some new potential partners and buyers.

3.) Improve your brand’s image; Chance to prove that your creativity is part of your business and make the best impression for your brand.

4.) Keep an eye in competition; See your competitors in real action and collect evidence to evaluate your competitiveness.

5.) Use media for your promotion; Promote your business through media, either radio or TV stations.

6.) Learn anything new; Acquire more knowledge about your business’s field, other products, new ideas and trends.

7.) Increase your sales; Lead to larger brand awareness, bigger interest for your business.

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